Marie Hernandez

perpetual traveler, optimist, storyteller

Hi. I’m Marie. 

I wear a lot of hats. These hats serve a bigger purpose—to help me to be the best that I can be. 

I’m a 52 year old mother of six, grandmother of eight, perpetual traveler. No, I’m not the typical grandma baking cookies and knitting socks (although I admire all the grandmas that do) but I’m the kind that will send my kiddies a package from some exotic place in the world that contains things they’ve never seen before!  

Travel is my LIFE! It’s not just my passion but it’s the way I put food in my belly too!

Over the past four years, I discovered something that most travel bloggers never even think of: If you know how to approach them, travel providers will pay for your expenses to get YOU to write about them!  

I built trust and awareness for my blog and created an online course for newbie travel bloggers that gets them up and running to a life of travel like mine. Interested? 

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